One quick second

One quick second in time can change so much! Everything is going well and you have your plans and day laid out. Then, you hear from a friend of a precious prayer need via a phone call or e-mail, and your day changes directions!

A call to prayer, a burden for someone dear, takes you to your knees. You instantly give in, compelled to pray and lift the burden a brother or sister is carrying. You cry and plead to the Father, not understanding why such a load has been put on a dear family’s shoulders. You might not know them personally but you feel their heart’s burden as if it were your own. You pray, as if this is happening to you and you are walking along with them in this journey. Your emotions, reasoning, and memories take up their burdens, passing on your strength and faith that God knows best. He has a plan for this day, to give hope for the future, not just for you or them, but for generations to come! Knowing God is already meeting their needs, they are trusting, “holding His hand,” as you are.

A life given, a seed dies, change comes in a quick second in time. Yet the story of the lifetime before the dying is the hope for the future of generations to come. The testimony of one’s giving, so others can live. The legacy of faithfulness in service draws others still to find hope and purpose. Others see our heavenly Father because of life lived in such a way that brings honor to the Lord

Our epitaph is being written in every second of time. Are we faithful in praying, yielding in obedience, to follow God’s directions to make each second count? One quick second in time can change so much.

Last Published: April 20, 2010 12:18 AM