Prayer memorial

Remembering those with past needs and passing loved ones can be an encouraging experience to both you and the receiving party. You once prayed for them and now you receive a reminder of their impact in your life – a memory of the goodness and God’s purpose for them comes back to you. Another life is being restored from a life that has gone on to glory.

But there may be other family and friends who need to be restored and encouraged over and over again from the void left in their lives. A prayer memorial can be such an endearing encouragement to them privately or publicly.

Consider how you can lift again those who have been in your prayers in the past. As they come back in your memory, take time to remember. Remember those anniversaries, birthdays and significant days, not only of those gone on, but those left on Earth. Have a list of those dates and years of importance (the hospitalization, the illness, the loss and the death). Use your calendar or address books to jot down important dates next to the names not erased so you won’t forget the details. Set aside time immediately when the memory comes to you or set aside a day each week or month to address those in memorial prayer. The important part is not when you remember, it is that you remember!

Take time to call or write the one left grieving. Send a joyful picture reminder of the times together or share an anecdote. Take time to ask for God’s hand to heal, restore and renew those lives left behind. Make a belated financial gift or memorial gift to honor their work on Earth. Your memorial is much more effective for encouragement and endearment if shared with the loved ones. Our good intentions are not good enough in this case. You will be blessed and so will they.

Last Published: May 17, 2010 11:36 PM