Impact the world on your knees

Before you get caught up in the stress and busy-ness of holiday preparations, make the decision to make a difference for Christ by praying for the world. Beginning in the fall and continuing until the end of the year, most people move from one holiday the next. Fall celebrations melt into Christmas which merges into winter with almost no separation. If we aren’t careful, prayer for others around the world gets relegated to the “back burners” of our minds.

The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions is a time to focus on mission efforts around the world. Materials that will help your church feature this important offering are available order online or contact the California Woman’s Missionary Union/Women’s Ministries office,, 559.229.9533, ext. 255. Orders can be mailed to: 678 E. Shaw Avenue, Fresno CA 93710.

To make the transition between fall and Christmas you and your family can impact the world with your prayers. Use the prayer guide below to help you remember some specific needs our missionaries and state leaders have. Thank you in advance for the vital role you will play in supporting missions through your prayers and giving.

This prayer guide can be copied onto cardstock and cut into bookmark-size strips for easy reference and use.

MONDAY: Pray for international and state missionaries as they, too, enter the busy fall and Christmas seasons. Pray that God will guide their plans to reach out to people with God’s love during these special times of year.

TUESDAY: Thank God for the special skills and abilities He has given state and international missionaries. Ask that God will touch the hearts of listeners who may be hearing the Christmas story for the first time.

WEDNESDAY: Thank God for men and women who have heard His call to serve in countries around the world. Ask God to use their words and actions to tell children about God’s love for them.

THURSDAY: Ask God to give missionaries wisdom and patience in ministering to others in need. Pray that they will have enthusiasm and energy during the holiday season with extra activities and events.

FRIDAY: Pray that missionaries will develop good relationships with people where they serve and that through these relationships they will have opportunities to share the story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

SATURDAY: Ask that God keep missionaries’ families strong and healthy so they can do the work He has sent them to do. Pray that their families at home will be supported and cared for.

SUNDAY: Pray that God will bless every gathering where His Word is preached and the Good News is proclaimed today. Pray that every worship experience will glorify His Name.

Last Published: November 15, 2010 11:51 PM