Prayer Walking

A lot has been written on prayer walking but there are always new variations you can use for women's small group meetings, prayer retreats, or in your personal prayer time as an individual woman or as a family. Prayer walking is a non-threathening approach to reaching outside your comfort zone and praying for people and places you may never meet or see. There is even virtual prayer walking! Read these postings with an open mind and try something new! 

Do you feel like you have two left feet when it comes to prayer-walking? Here are a few tips to help you get off on the right foot. Read More
Have you considered a prayer-walk within your home? Walk through your home in prayer, as you remove “dust” to be renewed in God’s Spirit. Read More
Rush here and rush there, so much to squeeze into our days. We encounter many scenarios in our world each day as we commute to our destinations. Let’s use the time we have wisely, in praying for the lost around us! Read More
In the Garden, He walks with me on the Solid Rock, a Firm Foundation, for a Sweet Hour of Prayer. Wonderful words of life, I Need Thee Every Hour, to Breathe on Me, Fairest Lord Jesus. Don’t the words from great hymns, minister to your spirit? Read More
Women are masters of multi-tasking! Why not strengthen your prayer life, while you strengthen your body? Try this out to match you own needs, skills and speed. As you walk carry hand weights to swing in prayer rhythm. Read More