George Barna says that he has never seen a dynamic, growing church without a dynamic, growing youth group. If California Southern Baptist churches are going to impact future generations, they must develop ministries that will reach students for Jesus Christ, develop them as disciples and place them into service in the Kingdom of God.

Students in junior high, high school and college are in the final stages of their development. Who they are when they leave this age is who they will be for the rest of their lives. This age is the last, best hope for spiritual transformation.

The California Southern Baptist Convention offers a variety of services and resources to help churches meet the challenge of developing students including large scale conferences, smaller seminars, training sessions, and individualized consultations.

See the resources and specialists listed on this page for additional help with student ministries.

Daryl Watts
Student & Family Specialist
559.229.9533, x.261
E-mail Daryl Watts
  Eva De La Rosa
WMU & Women's Ministries Specialist
559.229.9533, x.256
E-mail Eva De La Rosa
Mike Bivins
Volunteer Mobilization Specialist
559.229.9533, x.246
E-mail Mike Bivins
  Sherann Kim
Student Evangelism Specialist
559.229.9533 x.333
E-mail Sherann Kim
Charles McClung
Ministry Evangelism Specialist
559.229.9533, x.247
E-mail Charles McClung