Sunday School historically has provided a dual emphasis of evangelism and Bible study in Southern Baptist churches.  Many churches have found Sunday School to be a valuable tool in developing and maturing believers, providing effective ministry to members and creating great fellowship among people.  Sunday School may be one of the most organized ministries in churches today with a variety of curriculum choices, leadership training resources and evangelistic tools.

Sunday School generally is considered an open group strategy that provides an opportunity for a person to join a class or department at any time.  Many churches provide departments and classes from bed-babies to senior adults to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be involved.  Today it is common to find a church with multiple Sunday Schools being provided at different times and even on different days.

California Southern Baptist Convention is committed to being a resource for consulting, training and networking church leaders to produce healthy Sunday Schools.  CSBC is available to assist with curriculum interpretation, leadership development, evangelism strategies, training and ministry development. 

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Tom Belew
Small Groups Specialist
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          Daryl Watts
Student & Family Specialist
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