Sunday School Lessons go Digital

In the fall of 2007 LifeWay Christian Resources introduced LifeWay Lessons - Digital, Biblical Solutions for Life. For more than a century, LifeWay has provided reliable Bible study curriculum in an ever-increasing number of ways. Welcome to the latest—LifeWay Lessons.

As society becomes more and more computer savvy, we have discovered that the computer allows us to customize our lives. No longer do we shop according to the latest newspaper ad, but instead shop online because the Internet has allowed us to set our preferences and customize our shopping experiences.

LifeWay Lessons is putting the teacher in the designer seat. The teacher can customize each week’s lesson to fit their teaching and the class needs. Features of LifeWay Lessons include:

  • Downloadable teaching plans, learner handouts, and in-depth commentary
  • Using the material as is, customize it, or supplement the lesson with other LifeWay resources
  • Access lessons easily and affordably, without long-term commitment

Gradually, teachers are trying LifeWay Lessons and discovering this new tool. Could LifeWay Lessons be what you need to take your class to the next level? Check out LifeWay Lessons.

Last Published: July 31, 2008 2:10 PM