Four Critical Questions: Teaching Children

This new section of The Cutting Edge is being written by Ann Iorg who has worked many years with preschoolers and children.

The four questions she raises will help parents and teachers alike address important areas of spiritual development of youngsters ages 4 through 12 especially.

Watch this section for all four questions and a discussion of each!

Every generation has a buzz word, a popular word that gets our attention. A few years ago the buzz word was “purpose.” If the word purpose was in the title of a book, it was sure to be a best-seller! Rick Warren certainly proved the point with the book The Purpose Driven Life. Read More
As I was thinking about life and children, I realized there are four very big, important questions that every child needs an answer to. Children who have the answer to these critical questions go on to lead very productive lives. Then I realized there are a lot of adults who also need an answer to these questions. So for the next four articles, I will answer these four big questions, one in each article. Read More