This section of The Cutting Edge presents brief articles for leaders of women's groups to use as they plan and prepare for women's involvement in their churches and communities.  Whether you need basic steps in beginning a women's ministry group or a community evangelistic outreach activity, the Toolbox will direct you to user-friendly resources for missions education for all ages and to effective planning for maximum results. The Toolbox will challenge you and your women's group to think outside the box!

On college campuses, working professionally, or nurturing young children of their own, groups of young women are reaching the world for Christ. Read More
Communication is essential in every person’s life! Effective communication is another subject, however. As we strive to increase our communication skills, it would be valuable to search scripture to see what God says about how we communicate with others. Read More
We recognize that children need to learn about the Bible and what God says. We understand that children can develop an understanding about how God works. Read More
A meaningful part of any woman’s group is the fellowship element. In fact, fellowship and establishing relationships is one of the primary reasons women join groups. Read More
You can instruct through the written word, but in order to move people forward and create a passion within them, you need to be an effective communicator. There are several things to keep in mind as you present. Your presentation may be the result of a task force assignment, or because you have been placed in the position of implementing change. Read More
Since life on a team is a reality for most of us, it seems natural to look at some aspects of teamwork that could make a difference in meeting goals and accomplishing assigned tasks. Consider these four ideas that will help make your team more efficient and a happier place to be. Read More
Woman’s Missionary Union of North Carolina is providing online training seminars for missions leaders. Read More
Develop and fine-tune your presentation skills, and you will discover new avenues for expressing yourself, and will come closer to realizing your personal and professional goals. Read More
Here are some publications that may help you in your spiritual journey, in working with women in your church, and in finding a ministry “niche.” Read More
As we move through our leadership lives, it would be nice if our success was a simple matter of entering a determined password. One word that expressed all we need to know and remember would certainly be easier than recalling how our behavior, communication, etc., etc., impact the success of our leadership efforts. Perhaps remembering four words will create a memorable password for leadership success. Read More
Every leader struggles with facilitating meetings, whether they are large or small, and making them productive. Using technology at any meeting can be a tremendous challenge. Why? Not only do leaders need to make the technology relevant and pertinent to the topics being addressed, but if a balance is not maintained between information and the media through which it is presented, there can be an “overload” of information. Read More
This is the first in a three-part series to help you as a leader “fine-tune” some leadership skills that will make you a more effective leader. Regardless of what leadership role you have, the answers to three questions hopefully will generate a stronger desire to become the leader God has called you to be. Read More
This is the second article in a three-part series on developing leadership skills. Three questions address important skills we as leaders must develop on our journey to becoming the type of leaders God can use. The first question was, “Do you have a leader’s heart?” It focused on a leader’s ability to develop heart qualities that contribute to becoming a servant leader. Read More
The last in a three-part series, this article recognizes that attitudes can cause progress or setbacks. Many times progress can be directly related to a leader’s attitude. Read More
Frank Damazio in The Making of a Leader devotes an entire chapter to the character a leader must have to be effective. He lists qualities all leaders must possess and then moves to specific areas of life we might skip over. He says there are eight major areas where we must develop our character in order to achieve God’s goals for us. Read More
How much do you care about others and their needs? The Message phrases I Corinthians 8:10 this way: “Do what you can, not what you can’t. The heart regulates the hand.” Read More
LifeWay Women will be presenting several online training sessions for women’s ministries leaders. Read More
Surveys can reveal some interesting things. Numbers and statistics formulated from the numbers can provide insight into different mindsets or situations Read More
If you as a leader know how to conduct effective meetings, your job has just gotten easier! In today’s climate of deadlines, pressure to produce and decreased discretionary time, it is critical that leaders realize time is a valuable commodity and that people, even if they are vitally interested in the purpose of the meeting, are concerned about not wasting that time. Read More
Are you aware of what can fan the fires of conflict? When (not if!) in your leadership role you deal with conflict, here are some suggestions to keep you focused on conflict resolution rather than allowing the situation to escalate out of control. Read More
Since conflict will come, what are some steps a leader can take to prepare for it and to resolve it in a productive, positive way? Read More
At some point in your life, you are going to be asked to make a presentation. It may be reporting the work of a task force where you work. It could be an idea for the high school booster club to use in fund-raising. Even teaching a Bible study session qualifies as a presentation! Life is a series of presentations and it is up to us to make sure our words count and that we communicate in a clear, understandable way. Read More
The missions organization, Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) of the Southern Baptist Convention, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, produces a variety of materials for different language groups. Read More
My Mission Fulfilled is a relatively new Website to help women fulfill their mission as followers of Christ. This innovative site is designed with young women in mind but has something for everyone Read More
There are several Web links you should know about to help you, your family and your church stay informed about mission efforts in the United States. You’ll find answers to your questions about world hunger, vital statistics about what people believe, how to receive OnMission magazine and resources in Spanish. Read More
Just as our worship styles have altered, new Bible study groups have emerged and meeting times have changed, our approach to missions and missions education may need to be re-evaluated. If missions is not at the heart of what your church does, perhaps it is time for an evaluation. If the missions advocates in your church are only those over the age of 50, perhaps a renewed emphasis on learning about missions needs to happen. Read More
Women in the workplace are a fact of life today. Some estimate that more than 60% of American women between the ages of 16 and 60 work outside the home. This percentage includes those who own their own businesses and work from their homes. Read More
There are five facets to a woman who is committed to developing a missions lifestyle. Lists of characteristics of such a woman reveal commonalities that will provide valuable insights into what every woman needs to incorporate into her life. Read More
When we are invited to participate in mission activities, our focus is not always what it should be. Review the following words to see if perhaps you need to focus on one or more of them. Read More
Use the suggested resources listed below to develop weekly group studies. Following this quarterly two-year plan will provide training/information in Bible study, spiritual growth, missions and evangelism, and life issues of special interest to Christian women. Read More
In the first part of this five-part series, we discussed that the rules have changed and that life is faster, and how these two realities bombard any leader who wants to be effective in carrying out his or her assignments and responsibilities. The third reality we must acknowledge as leaders is change. Read More
H. Dale Burke has written a thought-provoking book entitled How to Lead & Still Have a Life (Harvest House Publishers, 2004) in which he proposes that to be an effective leader there are some principles based on “less is more.” Read More
There are many websites available that will help you maximize your missions knowledge base. Use them to plan short-term mission trips, for in-depth current missions information, and for ideas to create a missions atmosphere in your church. Read More
Devote one Sunday a month to serving in your community. One church called the event Second Sunday Impact and provided a light lunch after the morning worship for anyone who wanted to attend. After lunch, projects were described, groups were formed and everyone went out to complete their assignments. A time was set to report back to the church and groups were allowed to share their experience. The event ended with a time of prayer thanking God for the opportunity to minister in the community. Read More
How about providing a spa for women who are in difficult circumstances? Read More
Here are ten ideas to increase mission awareness in your church. Read More
Are you ready for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering? Here is a quick checklist for every mission shopper. Read More
The toolbox features short articles on mission events, ministry projects, special mission giving opportunities, and creative ideas for church wide events, the toolbox will be a favorite! Read More