Welcome to a new section of The Cutting Edge! Each month Uplifting! will feature ways to incorporate prayer activities into all of your events. It will include articles about prayer, devotions on prayer, prayer walking ideas, suggestions for prayer activities, prayer retreat ideas and much more.

Articles in Uplifting! will be in five categories: Prayer Events; Your Personal Prayer Life; Prayer Walking;  Idea Notebook and Prayer Devotions

An important part of any prayer focus for women is to include prayer for missionaries. A guide for praying for them on their birthdays can be found in Missions Mosaic magazine which can be ordered from Woman’s Missionary Union. Online information is available at www.wmu.com

Coming soon will be updates on critical mission prayer requests and for new ways to energize the prayers of your women’s groups or your church’s weekly prayer times.

Prayer Events

This segment of Uplifting! is to help you as you plan events for women that focus on prayer. These events may be times of retreat or a set-aside day of prayer for a specific reason. All of them can be adapted to meet your women's needs. We hope they will help you develop a regular focus on prayer since it is critical to any successful women's emphasis.  morebutton

Your Personal Prayer Life

Who doesn't need help in her prayer life? The innovative ideas you'll find in this section of Uplifting! are meant to uplift perhaps the most important part of your daily Christian walk with God. It is only when we bathe our lives in prayer that we find true peace, feel secure, live uprightly, and rest in God's love. Incorporate some of these suggestions into your prayer regime - you'll be enriched!  morebutton

Prayer Walking

A lot has been written on prayer walking but there are always new variations you can use for women's small group meetings, prayer retreats, or in your personal prayer time as an individual woman or as a family. Prayer walking is a non-threathening approach to reaching outside your comfort zone and praying for people and places you may never meet or see. There is even virtual prayer walking! Read these postings with an open mind and try something new!  morebutton

Idea Notebook

 The notebook is simply a compilation of a wide variety of ideas about incorporating prayer into all of your women's events, your own life, and that of your family's. The ideas can be springboards to other ideas you can use to encourage women to be in constant prayer. There is no situation that rules out prayer!  morebutton

Prayer Devotions

The devotions posted in this section of Uplifting! can be used for personal quiet time, at women's small group sessions, at the beginning of other events, or enclosed with notes of encouragement to a friend.  morebutton