Mobilizing California Southern Baptists to be “on mission with God” is at the heart of volunteer ministries.  The Great Commission’s mandate “to go” applies to all Christians, and Volunteer Ministries works to make that happen in several ways.

Volunteer Ministries serves as a clearing house for those who want to serve as mission volunteers and for those congregations and ministries that need volunteers to help meet a need.  Construction, disaster relief, Vacation Bible School and evangelism efforts are some of the ministries in which volunteers can be involved.

Mission Service Corps is the part of volunteer ministries that matches people with long-term volunteer service opportunities.  MSC volunteers often are Christians who want to serve the Lord during retirement years. California Volunteer Ministries helps enlist people to serve in long-term missions and functions as a clearinghouse to place people in places of service.

Volunteer Ministries also coordinates California Southern Baptist Convention’s partnership mission relationships with other state conventions.  Currently, CSBC has a partnership with Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention and with Georgia Baptist Convention.  CSBC helps connect church volunteer groups with congregational needs.

California Southern Baptists are serious about “Reaching the World in California,” and volunteer ministries is an essential strategy for effectively and efficiently sharing Christ with California, the United States and the world.

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