California Singing Churchmen

The California Singing Churchmen is a chorus of music directors, ministers and pastors in Southern Baptist churches in California. The membership is open to all men who are responsible for leading or who participate in the music program of their churches, full-time, part-time, volunteer, college, seminary faculty members, denominational leaders, pastors, directors of missions, and others who lend professional assistance to the cause of church music.

Joining the Singing Churchmen is as easy as attending rehearsal and deciding to participate. Please contact Roger Byrd to provide your e-mail address so we can keep you informed about upcoming rehearsals and events.  Be sure to tell us your church name and position in church music leadership.  The number of participants in the Churchmen is growing all the time.  Of course, not everyone can join us every time we sing, but we have a long, good history of singing together for the glory of God.  You can find more information on the California Singing Churchmen at or by contacting Roger Byrd.

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Music & Worship Specialist
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Last Published: October 9, 2008 11:54 PM