CMO PowerPoint Resources

Here are graphics to use in PowerPoint to help promote CMO.

To save the jpg (s) for PowerPoint slide(s):

  1. right click on the link
  2. select Save Link As...
  3. select a destination on your hard drive
  4. click the Save button.

2019 "Step Up" Background

Background 4x3 Title.jpg
Background 16x9 Title.jpg
CMO-2019-Slide-Backgrounds-Title-web.jpg#asset:18823Background 4x3 General.jpg
Backgournd 16x9 General.jpg
Background 4x3 Main Point.jpg
Background 16x9 Main Point.jpg
CMO-2019-Slide-Backgrounds-Main-Point-web.jpg#asset:18830Background 4x3 Photos-1.jpg
Background 16x9 Photos-1.jpg
Background 4x3 Photos-2.jpg
Background 16x9 Photos-2.jpg
CMO-2019-Slide-Backgrounds-Photos_2-web.jpg#asset:18836Background 4x3 Sub Point.jpg
Background 16x9 Sub Point.jpg

2019 "Step Up!" Goals

Goals 4x3 Allocations.jpg
Goals 16x9 Allocations.jpg
Slide-Backgrounds_Allocations-web.jpg#asset:18842Goals 4x3 v1a.jpg
Goals 16x9 v1a.jpg
Goals 4x3 v1b.jpg
Goals 16x9 v1b.jpg
Slide-Backgrounds_Goals-v1b-web.jpg#asset:18848Goals 4x3 v2a.jpg
Goals 16x9 v2a.jpg
Goals 4x3 v2b.jpg
Goals 16x9 v2b.jpg

2019 "Step Up!" CMO Facts

CMO 4x3 Fact 1.jpg
CMO 16x9 Fact 1.jpg
Slide-Backgrounds-Facts_1-web.jpg#asset:18857CMO 4x3 Fact 2.jpg
CMO 16x9 Fact 2.jpg
CMO 4x3 Fact 3.jpg
CMO 16x9 Fact 3.jpg
Slide-Backgrounds-Facts_3-web.jpg#asset:18863CMO 4x3 Fact 4.jpg
CMO 16x9 Fact 4.jpg

This Convention serves our culturally diverse congregations as we fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.