Read about ministries funded, in part, through CMO gifts

Here are mission stories about the ministries featured in CMO which are funded, in part, through gifts to the California Mission Offering. These stories demonstrate why California Southern Baptists are encouraged to continue ministering for Christ through CMO in 2019. This year's statewide offering goal is $500,000.

These stories provide information to help churches promote CMO and educate members about California missions.

  • "Step Up!" - A message to all California Southern Baptists from Bill Agee, Executive Director of California Southern Baptist Convention.
  • Evangelism - RISE Church in Sanger was planted in 2017. In 2018, they had an Easter outreach event attracting 300 guests. The church changed its approach this year by having an Easter Eggstravaganza on Palm Sunday. There were more than 600 guests and Rise is intentionally working to connect with guests and assimilate them into the congregation. Outreach events, especially around holidays and Vacation Bible School in the summer are great evangelistic events for communities.
  • Revitalization - When Andy Springer became pastor at Heartwood Church in Rohnert Park, he had a congregation of 8, primarily senior adults. Beginning Count the Cost, a revitalization process offered through CSBC, his congregation is growing and 12 months later have 60 regular attenders including several young families. Count the Cost has made a of difference for Christ in Rohnert Park. “We had eight people, in the last few weeks we’ve had nine people saved.”
  • Disaster Relief - Mike Kemp and his wife were stirring in their Paradise home on November 8, 2018 when they noticed the entire sky was orange. “It was like Armageddon,” he said. That day, their dream house, which the couple built themselves, was completely destroyed by the Camp Fire, the largest in California history. It was two months before the Kemps returned and California Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers were there to help them salvage anything left of their former lives. Often, it’s not what the volunteer teams recover, but their presence that shows they care.
  • Church Planting - While spending time in a refugee camp in Southeast Asia, Soekrit had “just lost hope.” But on immigrating to the United States and settling in San Diego, his hope was restored when CSBC Church Planter Silas Lian introduced Soekrit to Jesus. The former Buddhist monk now wants to share what he experienced with “family and friends.” Silas is a church planter who works with Burmese immigrants. Nearly every night of the week, he is conducting home Bible studies to introduce Burmese people to Jesus. Many times the Bible studies are hosted by people who haven’t accepted Christ. Over the past year, Silas has seen 16 people make professions of faith.

This Convention serves our culturally diverse congregations as we fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.