Wills & Trusts Seminar - Lake Isabella - Postponed

This event has been postponed due to COVID-19.

If you were invited to a seminar to plan for your death, you would probably decline the invitation; but if you were invited to a seminar to help plan for a way to take care of your family, you would likely attend. The Wills and Trusts Seminar will help your family avoid difficulties including:

  • Financial
  • Emotional
  • Paperwork/administrative
  • Legal

Join us and set in motion a plan that will take care of your family.

This seminar is designed to help plan the legacy you leave your family and aid in organizing a smooth transition of passing your “things” to the next generation. Most importantly, it will leave your family with the message of the hope of the gospel and a continuation of faith after you are gone.

This Convention serves our culturally diverse congregations as we fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.