New America Singers

New America Singers

Who are they?

The New America Singers (State Student Choir) are youth and young adults from California Southern Baptist churches, 15-20 years old, who desire to use their talents in singing and dance to give glory to God. They meet once a month, and prepare for an international tour each summer to locations like:

  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • the Philippines
  • Thailand and
  • Australia

to share the Gospel of Jesus through music and mission service.

NAS trains young leaders to be world-changers. To the audience, they bring professional-level music, drama and puppetry, as well as encouragement, entertainment and inspiration. NAS develops:

  • leadership, counseling and communication skills
  • an understanding of cultures
  • love and empathy for others
  • an ability to make and be friends

With the broken people encountered at each performance, members of NAS share the love of Jesus, and show individuals how He can help pick up the pieces and lead them to a fresh start.

Members of the New America Singers are proud of their country, and one of the group's goals is that new leaders will help build a "New and better America" with God's help.

Who can participate?

Any youth with vocal ability, aged 15-20, who desires to use singing and choreography gifts to the glory of God. Requirements for regular, stateside, month-to-month participation:

  • attendance at rehearsals
  • memorizing music
  • learning choreography
  • purchasing necessary "uniforms"

Find out how to become a New America Singer.

This Convention serves our culturally diverse congregations as we fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.