New Labor Law posters required

New Labor Law posters required

There are numerous substantive changes to labor laws affecting churches and other California employers in 2020, including federal and state wage-and-hour laws and other mandates which may apply to your church. California is one of 22 states with mandatory increases for all hourly employees in minimum wages in 2020, as well as the implementation of AB-5, which makes it much more difficult to classify workers as independent contractors.

Changes like these occur at least once every year, on January 1, and sometimes a second round of changes takes effect on July 1. There are severe financial penalties for employers who fail to post the most current information. If your church has even one employee other than its pastor, whether full or part-time it makes no difference, it is required to have the mandatory postings in a place easily accessible to the employees.

Beware of mailings offering labor posters or subscription services for any amount over $40 -- many of these are outrageous and costly scams! Our partner, BLR, has a combination state/federal law poster available for only $39.95 at Additional posters in Spanish are also available from BLR and are reasonably priced.

For more information, visit the BLR website or contact Max Herr at or 559.256-0858

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