New strategic partners help churches with accounting and insurance

New strategic partners help churches with accounting and insurance

We have a couple of exciting announcements with direct implications for your church’s HR and compliance concerns. CSBC has inked agreements with two strategic partners that can help your church with some of the most important things members expect but rarely ask questions about: church accounting and insurance.

Members expect the church to be properly insured for loss exposures, commonly called “property and casualty risks.” Casualty claims are those involving negligence on the part of the incorporated church or its officers, directors, members and employees. Common claims include slip-and-fall accidents or other personal injuries that occur on church grounds. Other claims have involved potluck meals where people suffered food-borne illness.

Property losses result from things like fires, floods, thefts or third-party negligent acts such as a driver who loses control of a car and crashes into church property.

Churches, however, are exposed to a far greater number of risks than you might imagine. Pastors have been sued for negligent advice or other failures; child sexual abuse leads churches into court more than almost any other claim; church treasurers have embezzled funds; employees are sometimes discharged and later make claims of harassment, discrimination or retaliation; church boards have done things in good faith only to discover they acted improperly and the church was sued.

When properly insured, your church has the resources of an insurance company behind it, including the cost of a legal defense.

Church Mutual Insurance Company is the leader in multi-peril commercial property and casualty policies for churches in the US. Through the new Church Mutual Affinity Program, CSBC has arranged for an immediate 7.5 percent discount on multi-peril policies our churches purchase from or renew with Church Mutual. An additional Safety Dividend Plan can return up to 20 percent of the cost of insurance when the group loss experience is favorable.

Are you searching for a cost-effective church accounting program that actually works? We found it!

Aplos Software is a “cloud-based,” true-fund accounting software platform. Aplos helps with budget, provide members with concise and informative financial reports, and properly handles all donor management functions, including IRS-compliant donor receipts, all for just $40 per month.

For cooperating churches formed within the past two years, CSBC will pay the $40 monthly fee for the standard program for one user for one year. In the second 12 months, CSBC will pay $20 per month toward the fee, and in the third year, we’ll contribute $10 per month.

All churches in cooperation with the Convention are invited to try the software at no cost for 30 days. A basic chart of accounts is available that can be customized to meet the church’s needs, and if you have an existing true-fund system, Aplos will help convert existing data into their platform. Details are available at

We believe you’ll find value in these new offers, and more in the coming months. Visit the Compliance Corner frequently to see what’s new.

(For more information contact Max Herr, CSBC ministry specialist for human resources and compliance.)

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