Sexual Harassment Prevention Education Required by Law

Sexual Harassment Prevention Education Required by Law

In 2018, the California passed a law (SB 1343) requiring all employers with five or more employees in the State to provide sexual harassment prevention education to all of their employees and supervisors before January 1, 2020. The law requires training every two years. California Southern Baptist Convention provides this training for its staff, including Jenness Park Christian Camp. CSBC can facilitate training to churches affiliated with the Convention for a per-employee fee. No portion of the cost of this training may be assessed to, or required to be paid by, any employee.

All newly hired employees MUST complete this training within the first 30 days or 100 working hours of the date of hire, whichever is sooner. Internet access is required for the training, as is a unique email address for each trainee. Training for nonsupervisory employees takes about one hour; training for supervisory employees will take more than two hours. Training need not be completed in one continuous session; however, once assigned training, employees are expected to complete the required course in a timely manner, and may be disciplined for failure to comply.

Training is expected to be provided at the employee’s workplace during work hours. An employer MAY NOT require any employee to take or complete training during nonworking hours. With the prior written consent of the employee’s immediate supervisor, however, a nonexempt employee may be permitted to take the training during nonworking hours and/or at a nonworkplace location and will be compensated at the regular rate of pay for the time needed to complete the training, up to one hour for nonsupervisors, and not less than the actual time recorded for supervisors. Nonexempt employees are NOT permitted to complete training in a combination of workplace and nonworkplace locations.

For more information about the training, or how to implement the online training for church employees, contact Max Herr at CSBC.

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