The Step Up! Challenge

The Step Up! Challenge

"Step Up!" is a challenge to increase evangelism and mission efforts in California by 20% in 2020!

The heart of the plan is to increase mission efforts to reach the 35 million in our state who don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus.

California Southern Baptists have a daunting task and we must increase our efforts to

  • Evangelize and baptize more people
  • Plant more churches
  • Involve more church members on mission
  • Give more to missions

California Southern Baptists have made great strides in recent years and leads the Southern Baptist Convention in

  • Increased baptisms
  • Number of church plants
  • Number of churches involved in a revitalization process

As a convention of churches, we can’t sit back and bask in the accomplishments of yesterday. We must Step Up to do more to penetrate the lostness of California.

In looking at CSBC ministries in 2017, CSBC Executive Director Bill Agee determined to focus efforts to excel in a few things rather than attempt to meet every need. CSBC ministry teams were organized to emphasize

  • Evangelism and missions
  • Church planting
  • Church revitalization
  • Small churches

Agee believes California Southern Baptists can have an impact in the communities where they serve!

After almost 80 years, it’s time for California Southern Baptists to "Step Up!," he said.

"God has called each of us to be part of His Great Commission. Let’s take His call seriously by impacting California for Christ," Agee said.

Step Up Challenge theme interpretation
Victor Chayasirisobhon, CSBC Executive Board Chairman

Step Up Challenge theme interpretation
Shawn Beaty, CSBC President

How can California Southern Baptists accomplish this task? By being involved in one or more of the following challenges in 2020:

The Challenge: 20% increase in baptisms
The Goal: 15,000 baptisms

The Challenge: 20% increase in church planting efforts
The Goal: 100 new churches

The Challenge: 20% more churches and members on mission
The Goal: Churches and members fulfilling the Great Commission

The Challenge: 20% increase in gifts to the California Mission Offering
The Goal: 20% increase in your church's gifts to CMO

Pastors are encouraged to lead their congregations to Step Up in one or more of these areas. Please register your commitment to take the "Step Up! Challenge."

CSBC Baptism Day – May 31, 2020

Every church is encouraged to baptize at least one person in 2020!

On Pentecost Sunday in 2020 (May 31), California Southern Baptists will celebrate new believers by encouraging every CSBC congregation to baptize at least one person!

This Convention serves our culturally diverse congregations as we fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.