Archive: June, 2017

DR: 'You ain't seen nothing like those Baptists'

"It's the Baptists," the volunteer said. "Oh man, let me tell you. You ain't seen nothing like those Baptists. They come roaring in with all kinds of trucks and trailers. They set up these huge kitchens, start cooking and they don't stop until we tell them we don't need any more. See, we have these big containers -- I forget what we call them ... sort of like a large ice chest...."

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2018 VBS aims to help kids get their 'game on!'

As fans across the nation celebrate the NBA and NHL finals this week, LifeWay Christian Resources is adding to the sports enthusiasm by announcing "Game On!" as its 2018 Vacation Bible School theme.

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SBC in PHOENIX: 'Vital and defining'

If you want to learn about, take part in, even have a say over your tithe money and our collective mission, of sound seminary education, ever-increasing evangelistic outreach, quality discipleship training and publications, provision for our retired church leaders, widows and orphans, and indeed the very future of who we are and what we stand for, there is no better place to do so than at the Southern Baptist Convention, every year, this year in Phoenix.

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Exec. Committee marks 100 years 'behind the scenes'

The Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee's 100th anniversary will be marked by a "low-key" celebration, says EC President Frank S. Page, because by design the committee has never been characterized by publicity and attention.

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At the loading docks, Phil Baker brings the Word

Just to the right of a heart defibrillator and fire extinguisher, Phil Baker has set up a plastic-top folding table in the cavernous loading dock at the Phoenix Convention Center. Baker has placed a plastic box there labeled "Prayer Requests," along with a supply of blank index cards and pencils and a couple dozen devotional booklets.

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This Convention serves our culturally diverse congregations as we fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.