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June 11, 2019

Bill Agee, CSBC executive director is providing a monthly article to the California Southern Baptist called "Insight."

“Insight” implies apprehending the true nature of something and gaining an accurate and deep understanding of it.

He hopes to, on a regular basis, help readers of the California Southern Baptist gain a deep and better understanding of what is happening around our state among our churches.

The current article can be found in the footer of our website

Below is an archive of past articles.


  • January - Changes to bring a higher level of response to CSBC churches
  • February - CSBC poised to address immense lostness in California
  • March - Focus of churches and Christian organizations during these challenging times.
  • April - "It's always something" - churches, CSBC and coronavirus


  • January -CSBC looking forward to amazing 2019
  • February - 2018 report and 2019 outlook
    March - CSBC - operating on a solid foundation.
  • April - CSBC - Assessing purpose vs. achievement
  • May - Seeking Your Opinion
  • June - What to expect at the 2019 CSBC annual meeting
  • July - California leads SBC in 2018 baptism increase
  • August - Analyzing the last two years with CSBC
  • September - Add your church to the "Step Up!" Challenge
  • October - Be part of the CSBC annual meeting for encouragement and challenges
  • November - The importance of the annual meeting
  • December - Thankful


  • January - Pressing on in the face of loss
  • February - The Count the Cost model for planting churches - part 1
  • March - The Count the Cost model for planting churches - part 2
  • May - Thanks for your prayers
  • June - CSBC financial standings and prayer needs
  • July - How CSBC works
  • August - CSBC and the perfect storm
  • September - CSBC churches sharing God's blessing at 2018 CSBC annual meeting
  • October - Thanksgiving and vision for the future
  • November - See Bill's video report below
  • December - Trusting God for churches and California Southern Baptists in challenges and triumphs


  • June - Introduction and overview
  • July - Resourcing the Vision
  • August - Assisting churches in planting strong, healthy, reproducing congregations
  • September - Church revitalization
  • October - Restructure of CSBC staff
  • November - Small Church initiative
  • December - Feeling Grateful

This Convention serves our culturally diverse congregations as we fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.