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Category: Agee "Insight"

Insight - April 2020

Churches are doing the best they can to balance the safety and security of their congregations with the mandate to share the gospel. Pastors and members need our prayers and support during these difficult days.

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Insight - March 2020

I challenge all of us to not lose sight of why we exist, and to remain diligent and laser-focused on reaching more people with the gospel!

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Insight - February 2020

We do not take for granted the sacrifice every church makes to proclaim the gospel.

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Insight - January 2020

California Southern Baptist Convention staff continue to make adjustments allowing for a higher level of response to our churches in the Golden State.

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Insight - December 2019

I am going to share with you why I am extremely thankful today, and it may give you a bit of an insight into my life.

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Insight - October 2019

Please plan to be in El Cajon for the annual meeting, and be prepared to demonstrate your commitment to stepping up. It should be a great time of worship and celebration.

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Insight - September 2019

My prayer is that every pastor will take the Step Up Challenge and lead his church to join other California churches to reach and baptize more people, join in praying for and working with new churches, have more people involved in missions, and give more to the California Mission Offering to address needs in California.

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Insight - August 2019

It has been just over two years since I had the opportunity to begin my service with the churches of California through California Southern Baptist Convention. This hopefully will give you an Insight into the first two years.

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Insight - July 2019

What insight can we draw from this 2018 CSBC baptism and church planting statistics? California churches have a heart for sharing the gospel and reaching people.

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