Our Team

The California Southern Baptist Convention team is available to assist member congregations in every way possible. The team consists of specialists and assistants who work at the Ministry Resource Center in Fresno, North American Mission Board church planting catalysts, and Jenness Park Christian Camp staff. Check out our team and don't hesitate to contact them for assistance.

Bill Agee

Executive Director

(559) 256-0830

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Terry Barone

Leader, Communications Team

(559) 256-0818

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Linda Barone

Administrative Assistant, Communications Team

(559) 256-0823

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Jayne McClung Bauer

Disaster Relief Communications Coordinator

(707) 689-4501

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Mike Bivins

Director, Office of Disaster Relief and Camping Ministries

(559) 256-0846

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Roger Byrd

Church Revitalization Initiatives Team

(559) 256-0857

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Sally Cook

Controller, Business Services Team

(559) 256-0811

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Karen Ehrlich

Ministry Assistant, Business Services Team

(559) 229-9533 x.200

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Steve Foss

Applications Data Specialist, Business Services Team

(559) 256-0819

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Sandy Goins

Legal Assistant, Office of Strategic Giving

(559) 256-0802

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Lindsay Haussler

Ministry Assistant, Communications Team

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Max Herr

Business Services Team

(559) 256-0858

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Beth Ketcheside

Executive Assistant

(559) 256-0831

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Judy Logan

Director, Office of Strategic Giving

(559) 256-0867

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Rosalinda Mendez

Administrative Assistant, Evangelism and Missions Initiatives Team

(559) 256-0853

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Veronica Morales

Administrative Assistant, Church Planting Initiatives Team

(559) 256-0863

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Ralph Neighbour III

Leader, Church Revitalization Initiatives Team

(559) 256-0848

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Kathy Pine

Mail Services Coordinator, Business Services Team

(559) 256-0820

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Margie Prout

Executive Assistant, Business Services Team

(559) 256-0814

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Pete Ramirez

Associate Executive Director

(559) 256-0844

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Beverly Regensberg

Ministry Assistant, Church Revitalization Initiatives Team

(559) 256-0845

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Oscar Sanchez

Evangelism & Missions Initiatives Team

(559) 930-3768

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Ken Sartain

Leader, Small Church Initiatives Team

(559) 256-0837

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Ross Shepherd

Leader, Church Planting Initiatives Team

(559) 256-0839

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Marc Tempesta

Business Services Team Leader

(559) 256-0815

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Katheryn Vana

Certified Ministry Assistant, Church Revitalization Initiatives Team

(559) 256-0859

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Deanna Villegas

Executive Assistant, Associate Executive Director

(559) 256-0852

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Fermín A. Whittaker

Executive Director Emeritus

(559) 250-2256

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Sharyl Wright

Accountant, Business Services Team

(559) 256-0816

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This Convention serves our culturally diverse congregations as we fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.